Welcome to Publishing, an imprint for science fiction and fantasy novellas and novels, a line that provides a home for emerging and established writers to tell focused, engaging stories in exactly the number of words they choose. Most of our titles are available globally in print and DRM-free ebook format.


Fritz Foy

Fritz Foy is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Technology at Macmillan. His involvement with began in January 1967 when he bought the first Star Trek novel, the Ace edition of The Fellowship of the Ring, and a used copy of Detective Comics #326 in Marley’s in East Hampton NY. He still has all three. He is the Publisher of


Irene Gallo

Associate Publisher of, Creative Director for Tor Books, catsitter, and dogwalker.


Lee Harris

Lee Harris is the Senior Editor at’s novella program. He also writes—mainly short stories, though he has written professionally for the stage, too, and he’s partway through writing a novel—but then, isn’t everyone? In 2014 he became the first British editor to be nominated for a Hugo. He hates dried fruit, but loves mince pies, and no, he doesn’t understand that, either.


Carl Engle-Laird

Carl Engle-Laird is an editorial assistant at, where he luxuriates in beautiful short fiction in between dives into the slush pile. After over a year in the slush trenches, it’s fair to say he’s seen some things, things you wouldn’t believe. Carl is also’s resident chair of Stormlight Studies and former bucket-in-chief.


Patrick Nielsen Hayden

Patrick Nielsen Hayden is a senior editor at Tor Books and the fiction editorial director of With his wife, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, he helped run the 1978 Worldcon, published the science fiction fanzine Izzard, and won TAFF in 1985; today, the Nielsen Haydens operate the weblog Making Light. He is the winner of three Hugo Awards and a World Fantasy Award for his editorial work. In the rest of his life, he teaches, edits the occasional anthology, and plays lead guitar for the New York City band Whisperado.


Katharine Duckett

Publicity Manager Katharine Duckett has owed science fiction a debt of gratitude ever since Star Trek’s LeVar Burton saved her from a swarm of bees on an episode of the ‘90s television series Christy. She has worked for Small Beer Press,, and authors Ellen Kushner and Delia Sherman, and writes weird fiction in her not-so-free free time.


Mordicai Knode

Mordicai Knode is the Marketing Manager for He is the sort of creature that roots for the Hive Queen in Aliens & sympathizes more with the Monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey than with the apes or machines. Mordicai feels about Galadriel & Lolth the way Tannhäuser felt about Venus. His homebrew RPG campaign is a post-historical Macabre Fantasy setting featuring Neanderthals, goblins & space elevators. The chorus to Sesame Street’s “Me & My Llama” gets stuck in his head at least once a day. He keeps a Tumblr stuffed full of spooky images & a Twitter jam packed with non sequiturs.


Christine Foltzer

Christine Foltzer is the Associate Art Director for’s publishing imprint. She can often be found carrying way too many sketch books for her pack while getting lost in the mountains somewhere, or day dreaming of a world where her D20 would stop rolling 1’s every time.


Tom Doherty

Tom Doherty is the founder, President, and Publisher of Tor Books, which publishes the largest SF and fantasy list in the English-speaking world. He was there when the foundations of the earth were laid. is also proud to be working with consulting editors, Ellen Datlow, Ann Vandermeer, Jonathan Strahan, and Justin Landon.