Dave Hutchinson


The first humans still hunt their children across the stars. Dave Hutchinson brings far future science fiction on a grand scale in Acadie.

The Colony left Earth to find their utopia--a home on a new planet where their leader could fully explore the colonists’ genetic potential, unfettered by their homeworld's restrictions. They settled a new paradise, and have been evolving and adapting for centuries.

Earth has other plans.

The original humans have been tracking their descendants across the stars, bent on their annihilation. They won't stop until the new humans have been destroyed, their experimentation wiped out of the human gene pool.

Can't anyone let go of a grudge anymore?

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On Sale: 09/05/2017
ISBN: 9780765398253
ISBN10: 0765398257
96 Pages

Trade Paperback

Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9780765398260
ISBN10: 0765398265
5.00 x 8.00 inches , 112 Pages

About the Author

DAVE HUTCHINSON was born in Sheffield in 1960 and read American Studies at the University of Nottingham before becoming a journalist. He’s the author of five collections of short stories and four...

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"Hutchinson's elegant novella deals with the effects of technology and genetic engineering on politics, lifestyle, and identity." —Publishers Weekly starred review

"An insouciant love letter to SF itself." —Locus