Kathleen Jennings


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Transformation, enchantment, and the emotional truths of family history teem in Kathleen Jennings’ stunning debut, Flyaway.

"Kathleen Jennings' prose dazzles, and her magic feels real enough that you might even prick your finger on it."—Kelly Link

“An unforgettable tale, as beautiful as it is thorny.” —The New York Times Book Review

In a small Western Queensland town, a reserved young woman receives a note from one of her vanished brothers—a note that makes her question memories of their disappearance and her father’s departure.

A beguiling story that proves that gothic delights and uncanny family horror can live—and even thrive—under a burning sun, Flyaway introduces readers to Bettina Scott, whose search for the truth throws her into tales of eerie dogs, vanished schools, cursed monsters, and enchanted bottles. Flyaway enchants you with the sly, beautiful darkness of Karen Russell and a world utterly its own.

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On Sale: 07/28/2020
ISBN: 9781250260499
ISBN10: 1250260493
5.39 x 8.29 inches , 176 Pages


ISBN: 9781250260482
ISBN10: 1250260485
176 Pages

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About the Author

Kathleen Jennings lives in Brisbane, Australia. She was raised on a cattle property in Western Queensland. Since shedid most of her schooling by Distance Education/School of the Air (Royal Flying...

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“An unforgettable tale, as beautiful as it is thorny.” —The New York Times Book Review

"A superbly told tale of folklore-infused fantasy, full of rising dread, set in a sharply observed Australian outback town."—Garth Nix

"[Flyaway] will leave you feeling deeply satisfied." —Washington Independent Review of Books

"Katheleen Jennings' writing is highly poetic and her imagery superb... [and contains] revelations that even the most seasoned genre reader won't see coming. More like this, please." —Rue Morgue

"A fairytale wrapped about in riddles and other thorny bits of enchantments and stories, but none of them quite like any you’ve heard before. Kathleen Jennings' prose dazzles, and her magic feels real enough that you might even prick your finger on it."—Kelly Link

"Half mystery, half fairy tale, all exquisitely rendered and full of teeth."—Holly Black

"Flyaway is a novel that knows any story is only as truthful as the person who tells it; that the tale itself survives as a parasite does, jumping from person to person and host to host."—Australian Book Review

"In spellbinding, lyrical prose Jennings lulls readers into this rich, dreamlike world. Lovers of contemporary fairy tales will find this a masterful work."—Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Achingly gorgeous. . . . As tangled and densely interwoven as a tuft of dusty fur snagged on a barbed wire fence, Jennings' debut novella is both deeply indebted to the Australian gothic tradition and vibrantly, bewitchingly itself. A dark, delicious shrike's feast of a fairy tale."—Brooke Bolander

"Brilliant light washes through these pages, a perfect foil for the novella’s shadowy, all-too-serious battles of class, community and family. Sly visitations from imported, half-naturalised folklore add further layers of mystery and wonder to a more-than-magical tale of history’s grip, the land’s memory, and the harm we cannot help but do to ourselves and each other."—Margo Lanagan

"A darkly enchanting and unexpected tale. A gothic Alice in Wonderland meets Picnic at Hanging Rock. With Flyaway Jennings takes old threads and weaves them into something new and exciting."—Angela Slatter

"I feel as if a very new voice has whispered a very old secret in my ear, and I’ll never be able to un-hear it. Nor will I ever want to."—C. S. E. Cooney

"Shirley Jackson Down Under: a brooding, bruising fairy tale about blood and history and sharp-toothed things waiting in the woods. I loved it."—Alix E. Harrow

“I finished [Kathleen Jenning’s] Flyaway last night and haven't been able to start anything new yet because I don't want to leave that lush creepiness behind.”—Sarah Pinsker

"An exquisite gem of a book, a story which hoards its secrets and reveals its answers slowly, patiently, rewarding the reader who’s willing to go on a strange and haunting journey. . . . Subtly sinister and utterly, utterly magical."—Grimdark Magazine

"Flyaway is magnificently written and feels like a folktale both old and new... a nearly perfect novella."—

"Jennings’s debut novella is pure, poetic Australian gothic, filled with haunting emotions, fairy-tale action, and sharp prose."—Library Journal

"A deliciously mysterious Gothic fairy tale wrapped in elegantly descriptive prose."—Booklist

"Part ghost story, part murder mystery and part fairy tale, Flyaway feels like a perfect combination of all Jennings’ experiences and imagination."—Book Page