Ring Shout

P. Djèlí Clark, P. Djèlí Clark

Ring Shout

Nebula, Locus, and Alex Award-winner P. Djèlí Clark returns with Ring Shout, a dark fantasy historical novella that gives a supernatural twist to the Ku Klux Klan's reign of terror

D. W. Griffith is a sorcerer, and The Birth of a Nation is a spell that drew upon the darkest thoughts and wishes from the heart of America. Now, rising in power and prominence, the Klan has a plot to unleash Hell on Earth.

Luckily, Maryse Boudreaux has a magic sword and a head full of tales. When she's not running bootleg whiskey through Prohibition Georgia, she's fighting monsters she calls "Ku Kluxes." She's damn good at it, too. But to confront this ongoing evil, she must journey between worlds to face otherworldly nightmares—and her own demons. Together with a foul-mouthed sharpshooter and a Harlem Hellfighter, Maryse sets out to save a world from the hate that would consume it.

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On Sale: 10/13/2020
ISBN: 9781250767028
ISBN10: 1250767024
5.00 x 8.00 inches , 176 Pages


ISBN: 9781250767011
ISBN10: 1250767016
112 Pages

About the Author

P. Djéli Clark is the award winning and Hugo and Sturgeon nominated author of the novellas The Black God’s Drums and The Haunting of Tram Car 015. His writings have appeared in...

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P. Djèlí Clark is the author of the novellas The Black God’s Drums, winner of a 2019 Alex Award from the American Library Association; The Haunting of Tram Car 015; and...

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Ring Shout is a fearless punch to the heart and head! Fantasy, hellacious action, and complex characters along with an unflinching look at the terrifying nature of racism. Highly recommended!” —Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of V-Wars and Black Panther: DoomWar

“There are plenty of books that make metaphors of monsters, but RING SHOUT names its horrors without flinching. It is brilliant and coldly angry, cosmic horror and historical fiction without a shred of sentimentality. I didn't expect to squirm from the body horror, but I absolutely did. And I'm still processing its meditations on hatred and rage and fear. How some of us push ourselves to be more than those emotions, how others glut themselves on the darkness.” —Cassandra Khaw, finalist for the British Fantasy and Locus Awards

“Set in a magical and magic-ridden Georgia of the 1920s, Ring Shout is a thrilling and provocative inferno of a story. One of the most powerful and propulsive pieces of speculative fiction I've read in years. Fearless. Utterly fearless.” —Tochi Onyebuchi, author of Riot Baby

Ring Shout is a sublime work of revolutionary body horror.” —Sarah Gailey, Hugo Award winner and author of Magic for Liars

“A riveting reimagining of history filled with dark and twisted magic, scathing humor, and moments both heartbreaking and hopeful. P. Djèlí Clark is an unforgettable voice.” —Fonda Lee, World Fantasy Award-winning author of Jade City

“Phenderson Djeli Clark’s Ring Shout puts a weapon wielding our diaspora’s emotional power.... Ring Shout is a cry of release; a daring, darling, victory dance; a magical exhortation to move, be, and do our very best; and an adventure tale sharp and sweet as a first kiss.” —Nisi Shawl, author of Everfair

“Absolutely essential!” —Hugo Award-winning author Elizabeth Bear

“From the start, P. Djeli Clark's RING SHOUT explodes into vivid color with a voice that's at once joyous and harrowing. Maryse is a stunning character, real and layered, and brilliantly employed in a novella that is confident, razor sharp, and utterly imaginative. An instant favorite.” —Bethany C. Morrow

Ring Shout was the book that I needed. Especially now. Especially today. Whatever story you are expecting to read, this is not it. This is a punch in the face that demands to be read. It’s like Clark has sprung fully formed—with a voice so confident and sure that it ripples through every sentence—onto the scene. Ring Shout is not just a great read but also a call to action.” —Maurice Broaddus, author of Buffalo Soldier and the Knights of Breton Court series

“A quick, compelling historical fantasy-horror, told with a great narrative voice and shot through with pit-of-the-stomach dread — because the most terrifying elements are those drawn from real history. More Maryse Boudreaux adventures, please.” —Ian Tregillis, author of the Alchemy Wars and Milkweed series

For The Black God's Drums

Nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, and Locus Awards for Best Novella

“A sinewy mosaic of Haitian sky pirates, wily street urchins, and orisha magic. Beguiling and bombastic!” —Scott Westerfeld, New York Times bestselling author

“Clark’s story bleeds with style, elaborate language, and unforgettable characters.” —Daniel H. Wilson, bestselling author of Robopocalypse

“A mesmerizing, sprawling alternate history brimming with authenticity and voice. You'll be bitterly disappointed when it's over. Clark's novella will leave you ravenous for more.” —Justina Ireland, author of Dread Nation

“The language and setting is so authentic you'll taste the gumbo.” —Tade Thompson, author of the Nommo Award-winning Rosewater

“Clark has proven time and again that he’s a talent to watch, and this latest offering cements him as one of the best new fantasy authors around.” —Troy L. Wiggins, executive editor of FIYAH Magazine

“Clark masterfully rewrites history in this spellbinding post-Civil War fantasy…. This story is thrillingly original and will enthrall fans of alternate histories.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)

For The Haunting of Tram Car 015

"A zippy, wonderful romp, and it's made me want to seek out everything P. Djèlí Clark has written in this setting.” —

“P. Djeli Clark once again blends his brilliant imagination with a thoughtful and complex historical analysis — not to mention plenty of heart.” —Daniel José Older, bestsellig author

“Utterly delightful, with a sly wit and a deep and satisfying take on alternate history.” —Kate Elliott, Nebula and World Fantasy Award-nominated author

“A witty, political, magical visit to an alternate 1912 Cairo suffused with richly imagined sights, tastes, and a dash of bureaucracy. Forget the Ministry of Magic; you want to be there when the agents of the Ministry of Alchemy, Enchantments and Supernatural Entities get to work on a case.” —Nebula and Sturgeon Award-winning author Sarah Pinsker

“Fast-acting and fabulous! With all-encompassing craft, Clark shares the story of an investigation in which his heroes’ efforts and Cairo's cosmopolitan nature work in sync to save the day.” —James Tiptree Jr. Award winner Nisi Shawl, author of Everfair

“An Egypt full of airships, hauntings, and djinn, The Haunting of Tram Car 015 is a twist on the classic ghost story as only P. Djeli Clark can do. A slow boil of layered story-telling and a fully realized world (that fans of The Wind-Up Girl can appreciate), P. Djeli Clark again makes the case that he’s not just a rising star, but an already dawning light.” —Maurice Broaddus, author of Buffalo Soldier